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Brazil World Cup Analysis, Preview, and Schedule

Brazil World Cup Analysis, Preview, and Schedule

The memories of a horrifying night at the Belo Horizonte on 8th July 2014 will be playing in the back of every Brazilian’s mind when their national squad embarks on yet another FIFA World Cup journey. They’ve defeated Germany, they’ve won Olympic gold, they’ve got themselves back on track since then, but all that is not enough to compensate for the millions of tears that were shed that night. A World Cup success in Russia might turn out to be a reason enough to make all the fans smile again. With the kind of side Brazil have been so far, the success doesn’t look to be too far away.

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2018 Analysis

Every single member of Tite’s Brazil squad will step out in Russia with one common aim, and that is to lift the trophy in Moscow. They have shown every sign so far that they have the potential to do it. They’ve even got results to back themselves up. But the thing is, other sides have shown that too. They’ll have to better the other 31 teams if they are to make that dream come true. If they are good, the others have been equally good and at times better as well. If they are to come up as the best side in Russia, they surely will have to go beyond their limits. Will Tite be able to make his players do that? That will only be answered once they take to the pitch in Russia. For now, where they stand exactly is what we bring to you with our analysis.


Unlike the traditional Seleção, Brazil will be relying more on defense this time. The likes of Marcelo, Thiago Silva, and Felipe Luis will have a massive say for Brazil in this World Cup. Of course, Neymar will be their key man, but their fundamental strength will be their defense. Brazil has indeed come a long way from their forgettable memories in 2014 and has got a side that looks pretty stable all over. Neymar was their solo strength last time around, but this time they’ve got an entire team to challenge the opposition.


The only cause of concern for Tite could be his midfield. Names like Casemiro, Willian, Coutinho, Paulinho, do make it look strong on paper, but on the field, the scene has been entirely different. They’ve not looked razor sharp with their passing and have at times been sloppy as well. Above all, sync has been majorly missing from their midfield. Tite will have to get this checked to make sure he doesn’t see his side ending up on the losing side.

Key Players

Neymar without a doubt will be their man this time as well, but for a change, he won’t be the only man. Casemiro and Willian in the midfield, Thiago Silva and Marcelo in the defense, and Alisson in between the sticks, these few names make Brazil a much stronger side than what they were a couple of seasons ago. An injury to Neymar midway through the 2014 World Cup meant Brazil were paralyzed. This time, they’ve got backups. Roberto Firmino, not as good as Neymar, but is still good enough to okay the role of a finisher and give some respite to Neymar. Gabriel Jesus has been in some sensational form, and that will play a crucial part for them as well.

FIFA World Cup Record

The most successful team in the history of FIFA World Cup with five titles to their name, Brazil remain to be the only country to have participated in every single FIFA World Cup finals. Five-time champions, two times runners-up, a third-place finish twice, a fourth-place finish twice, such has been their record so far. The last time they failed to make it to the knockouts was back in 1982, where they finished fifth despite bowing out in the second round.

FIFA World Cup Qualification and Recent Form

Brazil finished a distant first in the qualification round with 12 wins from their 18 games. Pipped in the CONMEBOL qualification pool alongside Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, Brazil lost just once in the entire campaign against Chile. Talking about their recent form, they’ve managed to register four wins in their last four friendlies against Russia, Germany, Croatia, and Austria. In all of those four games, Brazil didn’t concede even a single goal.

Brazil World Cup Schedule

Having finished all their friendlies and warmup ties, Brazil is now undergoing their final training sessions in Russia. They’ve been put in Group E of the 2018 FIFA World Cup alongside Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. They’ll first play Switzerland on 17th June to get their campaign kick-started. Next up it will be Brazil vs Costa Rica on 22nd June. They’ll play their last group stage game against Serbia on 27th June.

Final Prediction

Brazil looks strong enough to get considered amongst the contenders. They’ve quietly gone about their business and built up a team that looks good enough to beat any other side. A strong defense lineup, a skilled midfield, and a deadly finisher, Brazil has it all. Yes, predicting them to win the World Cup looks a bit far fetched but you never know! It’s football after all! Keeping reality in mind, a semi-final finish is surely on the cards for Brazil in Russia.