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How to Watch Steelers vs Browns Live Online

Americans NFL fans are eagerly waiting for the NFL Regular Season to start after just one month. Week 1 Regular season of National Football League will begin in September and it will continue with the following weeks till December 2018.

Pittsburg Steelers will face Cleveland Browns in the first week of the NFL regular season. This would be the 19th season for the Steelers in NFL, and for the Browns, this would be the 66th season as the member of NFL. Both Browns and Steeler player the pre-season matches and is said to have improved a lot from their previous season and matches. Both the NFL teams will look forward to a record in the League, and the fans are waiting for the best performance in 2018 NFL Regular League.

Pittsburg Steelers vs Cleveland Browns Online Streaming

Watching NFL match has become very easy with the help online streaming from any parts of the world. Though the contract is fully owned by NFL and it has a lot of clauses still with the NFL Sunday Ticket one will be able to watch the Sunday matches in the hometown by streaming online.

The cord cutters will be able to view the matches by online streaming the network of CBS, ESPN Watch, Fox Sports, NBS Sports. With a monthly subscription of $6, one will be able to watch the playoff games and regular games on CBS.

NFL has a deal with Verizon for the NFL games, so the Verizon customers will be able to watch the match for free by streaming the match in Android, iOS, and Windows in NFL app.

Watch Steelers vs Browns live stream online

Fans outside the US may avail the NFL Game Pass at $99 per season and watch all games of regular season, Super Bowl, and even Playoffs. Game Pass Streaming is not accessible on all devices, but on-demand it is available everywhere.

With Sling Tv, DirecTV, Fubo TV, PlayStation Vue one can steam all the games of NFL regular season online with a monthly subscription of $25-$35 and is available in all devices available with the users. These streaming channels have some geographical limitations but with some extra charge, one can stream the NFL games live.

Amazon Prime has a deal with the NFL, so viewers will be able to watch the matches live by streaming the channels through Amazon Prime. Twitter also has a deal with NFL and thus any Twitter member will be able to stream the matches through Twitter and that is free. One should have high-speed internet and good data package to avail the Twitter facility.

YouTube TV extends access to channels like CBS, Fox Sports, NBC and ESPN wherever the channels are accessible. For streaming online through YouTube, TV one has to subscribe $35 per month.

One can use NFL Sunday Ticket at $69.99 per month for four months and stream the matches live in any mobiles. There is no restriction on mobiles. One can also use NFL Sunday Ticket in Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku PlayStation, Xbox or any other wi-fi driven devices.

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Team News

Not only the NFL fans but the fans of the two teams are eager to know the names of the members of the team. Here we have tried to capture the titles of most of the members of the two teams who are already selected and who have started their training in the respective training camps.

Pittsburg Steelers

Mike Tomlin is the Head Coach of the team, and he is the 16th Head Coach of Steelers. His first picks of the team are James Washington, Terrell Edmunds, Chuks Okorafor, Mason Rudolf, Marcus Allen, Jaylen Samuels, Joshua Frazier. The training for NFL Regulars already started in the Steelers camp with Terrell Edmunds in the defense. The first picks signed a four-year contract with the team.

Cleveland Browns

Hue Jackson is the 16th Head Coach of the team. He believes that the team upgraded themselves in every position for the League. The first picks for the team are Denzel Ward, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Austin Corbett, Chad Thomas, Antonio Callaway, Genard Avery, Damion Ratley, Simeon Thomas. Initially, Jackson had Tyrod Taylor in his mind to start the season, but Baker Mayfield captured the Head Coach with his talented impression that Hue Jackson will be now starting the season with Mayfield.

Date and Time

The Game between Steelers and Browns in NFL Regular Season Week 1 will be on 9th September 2018 and will start from 1:00 pm ET.


The Browns will take on the Steelers in the first match of the NFL regular season 2018 which will be played in FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland which is the home ground for Cleveland Browns. It is a multipurpose stadium in Ohio, Cleveland. The Browns will play the first match of the season in their hometown.

Television Broadcast

Like Fox, CBS is also another official broadcaster of the matches of NFL regular season 2018. One who has a cable connection will be able to watch the match live in CBS network and one can also download the CBS app to stream the game online in any device if the viewers is not at home or any other place which had cable connection.